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Garcia Defined (gar•ci•a)

1. a out-of-the-box, influential, hilarious and inspirational success coach whose expertise on sales, health and personal development is mankind renown 2. acclaimed for powerful, energetic, and entertaining presentations, seminars and keynote speaking that engages audiences and drives results 3. down-to-earth and spontaneous 4. passionate 5. father 6. humanitarian 7. drives audiences with simple systematic approaches, techniques and ideas to create positive lasting change.

See also: mentor, guru, friend.

Passion & Purpose

Manny Garcia is Chairman & CEO of Manny Garcia Companies, a self -improvement and development company for both individuals and business organizations. Manny’s life purpose and passion has been to directly inspire positive change, drive high performance results, and life balance within the human race.


Manny has served as a leading expert within the Vacation Ownership industry for over a decade and responsible for half a billion dollars in sales. Within his tenure of running one of the largest and most successful sales sites in the world, Manny was able to fine-tune his leadership skills, people development techniques, sales training strategies, talent selection processes and human psychology which led to the overall success of the organization and thousands of participating sales professionals.

Other areas of expertise also include: product development, marketing strategies, brand standardization, financial analysis, product knowledge distribution, master-mind retreats, rewards & recognition programs, customer loyalty & customer service initiatives, anti-rescission and cancellation recovery processes, employee engagement surveying and action planning.

Manny has studied, researched, written, presented, spoken and counseled in the fields of sales, relationships, heatlh, wealth and business.

Manny has authored hundreds of audio, video and digital learning programs including the worldwide best-selling “Sales Huddle Cookbook” which is being used by sales leaders to inspire, motivate and drive high performance results while maintaining a positive, enthusiastic work culture.

Manny speaks to corporate and public audiences on the subjects of Personal and Professional Development. His unforgettable, rock show like, humor filled talks and seminars bring about immediate positive, engaging changes with long-term results.

Family Man

Manny’s drive and commitment to create a legacy of positive change within the world starts inside his very own life. As a father of two children, brother to three sisters, uncle, friend to the world, and son of Manuel Garcia Jimenez, and Carmen Bonilla Martinez. Manny lives to his fullest potential within every single living moment.

Personal Note:

As you already know, life is beautiful. I mean, literally beautiful for those that seek its beauty and embrace their personal trials and tribulations as a learning and character building opportunity.

Speaking Engagement

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A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart... more

My life is not nor will ever be perfect and this is why I will have fun making it perfect for me...Manny Garcia
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