When someone mentions the word meditation, there are many people who envision some monk like folks wearing robes worshiping the Earth on a hilltop.  It can be a difficult concept to understand at first, and while the word for some may be a turn-off, the experience is no doubt an incredible journey through self towards relaxation and awareness.  Ancient wisdoms from every facet of religion or culture tell us one thing…the answers we seek are always inside us.  The difficult part is calming the mind and ego long enough to muster up the courage to face who we are on the inside!  Nevertheless, there is a secret power to meditation that enables each of us to draw strength, courage; faith and a positive attitude from behind the masks we tend to wear everyday.

You may think that you have to be spiritually adept or gifted in some mystical way to meditate.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  Meditation simply requires the willingness to allow your mind to focus without using the wit of your ego to control it.  This means allowing it to wander and filter through the millions of thoughts you have on a regular basis to get to something that is meaningful.  It is difficult for many to meditate simply because they are charting new territory and few of us understand how to BE without our ego besides us.  Luckily, our minds are deeper and far smarter than we think they are and as long as we have the willingness, desire and intention…anyone can meditate!

Your life may be busy enough, and suddenly you are being asked to set more time aside, quiet time, to meditate.  Why?  Meditation has the amazing ability to heal us.  Meditation can heal us from illness, stress, worry, frustration, angst or fear.  Meditation can help your body to heal, can repair the way you think and move and can restore the sense of calm that you must embody to live well.  When you consider the way most of us move through our lives, we are simply going from the pot into the fire.  We are busy, overwhelmed with worry about everything from our children’s health to paying our bills.  We are consumed with the material world we live in, keeping our yards tidy, driving a nice car or holding down fancy jobs.  We measure success by what we have and what we do; yet few of us are genuinely happy.  Few of us think positively.  Few of us have faith that our lives will turn out exceptional and few of us know how to relinquish the reins of control we falsely feel we have on everything.  Meditation allows us to do this with simplicity!

In order to be healthy, you must be able to remain in a state that is calm and steady.  For decades now, doctors have been telling us that our stress is what makes us or facilitates our illness.  Our state of mind is what controls everything that happens around us.  If you have ever witnessed a 3 year old throwing a tantrum, you can see with wild abandon that everything going on in their life at that moment stems from what their mind is thinking.  Imagine that same two 3 year old playing imaginatively in their room, pretending to fly like a bird and you will notice that in both instances, their mind is what makes it all real.  When you were three, you were able to meditate without thinking about it and could totally immerse yourself in something!  Now that you are older, you have forgotten or lost that inner child and feel you must remain one step ahead and constantly in control of everything.  But, you know what?  You aren’t in control of a thing.  Meditation centers your mind and can help you achieve everything you want and desire in life, whether it be weight loss or the know-how to plant a new garden.  Your answers are always within and often, so are the questions!

Meditation allows us to clear the poisons from our mind and reach a place where we become all-knowing and faithful beings.  Daily, you may struggle with answers or conflicts in your life and you allow emotions rather than mindfulness to direct you.  Meditation takes you to a place of mindfulness where you have choices, options and direction for your future.  If you have a specific question in mind, you can simply lie down and focus on that question to see what thoughts will race through.  You may experience some visions, as waking dreams or you may close off the negativity long enough to see the solution you have been waiting for.  If you are full of angst or stress after a long day, meditation can heal it, restore your calm, and balance so that your physical body is not harmed by it.  If you are ill, you can call on the utilities of your mind to help you heal knowing that your mind controls all things bodily.

For those who are skeptical, there are many ways to prove the secret powers of meditation. Perhaps the simplest, is to learn how to control your own pulse and heartbeat. By focusing on your heartbeat and blood pressure, you will begin to feel the rush of blood through your veins and hear your heart.  As you focus your mind on stilling that feeling, on something peaceful; within seconds your heart will respond.  The same is true for anything you encounter in life! Meditation can help you to remain in a place where life is always good and where you receive divinity through yourself.

The best part is that you can learn to meditate anywhere.  You can literally have the tools to experience livelihood and life within your reach and can empower yourself with the ability to never feel like a victim again.  Learning to meditate unlocks many doors inside you that allow you to see the world and your own life differently, better!  Meditation has been an integral part of health and healing since before Christ and has been used by every religion and culture as a way to solve problems effectively.  In modern times, there is extensive proof that meditation unlocks secret powers to healing and abundance.  Isn’t it time you likened yourself to what you really want and desire in life?  Isn’t it time you used the power of your mind for positive energy and solution based answers?  Meditation does all of this and much more and is as easy as closing your eyes and counting, remaining willing and able to accept your thoughts and process them without being burdened by the ideals of ego.

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